Partner Services

Our most cost-effective service is also our most comprehensive. Bring us in to act as a strategic partner. We’ll help you develop a plan, then we’ll go out and execute saving you significant time and money in the process.


  • Scales up or down to fit your need

  • Continuous involvement improves quality and reduces time to hire

  • Huge time savings by handing administrative and process tasks to CCS

  • Predictable monthly pricing saves money and avoids large single fees impacting monthly budgets

  • Eliminates friction with HR

Best fit for:

  • Start-ups

  • Rapid growth organizations

  • Project / team ramp-ups

  • Stable companies with consistent hiring needs

Contract Staffing

Our contractors are technical experts in their fields. They hit the ground running, apply their hard-earned experience, and deliver exceptional results. When you need a job done we'll bring you the right talent.


  • No additional HR/Payroll involvement on capital projects

  • No long term employee liability, no managing sick days, vacation days, benefits admin, etc. 

  • Turn-key project teams dramatically reduce time to start

  • Bringing in experts means you aren't paying anyone to learn on the job 

Best fit for:

  • Capital Projects

  • Special projects with fixed or limited duration

  • New technology implementations or product rollouts

  • Services directly billable to clients

Permanent Placement

Whether your hiring for the executive suite, the mail room, or anywhere in between we'll do the work of sourcing, qualifying, interviewing, and verifying qualifications to make sure you only spend your time with great candidates.


  • Help when you need it, on call

  • Predictable fee quoted up front, no surprises

  • In depth pre-qualification done BEFORE you ever review a candidate, saving you a great deal of time

Best fit for:

  • Organizations with irregular hiring needs

  • Organizations who prefer HR as primary recruiter, but need occasional help for unique or difficult hires